Precious Little Time

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David Nelson Ostrosser




Precious little time to spend with precious you

Moments all too fleeting, all too few

We've got our lives to lead and things to do

And not much precious time to spend with precious you

When we're together are the moments I remember

The spots of sunlight through the shadows 'neath the trees

It's imprinted in my mind, and when we're far away

I go back to that time and I'm with you that day




Well it's a pretty little café in the city

Your gospel hair, your blue jean eyes, your tender kiss

 When I'm alone I can be happy, but it's not the same

As the happiness I feel when I'm with you again


(final chorus)

Precious little time to spend with precious you

Moments all to fleeting, all too few

One day things will change, I'll marry you

And I'll spend all my livin' days just lovin' you


Piano: Ian Clyne

Harmony vocal: Christine Graves

Electric and acoustic guitars, bass: René Gely

Steel Guitar: Al Bragg

Drums: Ross Murray


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