I Am Rubber (You Are Glue)

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David Nelson Ostrosser


You call me a loser, Claim I've got no empathy

Too much of a boozer, How did you end up with me?

Well I don't know if what you say is true But I've got just one thing to say to you



I am rubber, you are glue

Everything you say, bounces of me And sticks to you



Already you're harpin', The minute that I get back home

You can't wait to start in, Complainin' to your mother on the telephone

Well I don't care what they may think of me Or how you put me down relentlessly





You think you can hurt me with your words And so you try

But I just sit here thinkin' Well that's you but what am I?

I’ve got no motivation If people could hear you talk

I'm leadin the nation In goofin' off around the clock

And though it does get to me now and then

You're just talkin' 'bout yourself again




Piano: Ian Clyne

Backing vocals: Christine Graves

Guitar, bass, organ, harmony vocals: René Gely

Drums, trumpets: DNO


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